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Bar Bistro Calypso in Eindhoven is an exuberant plant-based experience. Everything your heart desires is vegan here, and also suitable for the real meat eater; for example the dutch delicacy bitterballen, specialty beers, and generous tapas boards full of amazing food from chef Linzi Lemmens. The proof is in the pudding; Calypso has won several awards!

We will show you just how delicious (and accessible) plant-based food and drinks are.  We also love a good drink and board games.

Bar Bistro Calypso, together with the Bakblik food trucks, has been part of Real Good Plant Based Food since 2019. Since 2021, The Future Diner has joined the party.

By the way, Calypso is child-friendly: for kids we have a changing table, high chair, games and craft supplies!



picture: Carl van der Heijden - The Image Partner

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