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Borreltafel Bistro Calypso


Bookings up to and including 10 people can be made via the widget on this website.
Would you like to come and enjoy our food with a larger group?
We offer various delicious options such as Shared Dining (11-50 people), a Buffet (50-100 people) or a Snack Table (11-100 people).

Private parties are also possible on Mondays to Thursdays!

Contact us about the possibilities through our Contact Form or via
We'd love to take care of you!

What our guests say about Shared Dining:

"The proposal for a shared dinner for the group was a great idea. This gave a very good insight into the dishes and provided variety. It is also more fun to share in a group, so that more contact is made. The quality of the service and the dishes were of a high level. I think many will come back again with another group or with their own family."
- Peter

"Recommended for everyone; both vegan and people who are open to trying something different. We went with a large group of which only half were vegan, but everyone was really enthusiastic. The formula for large groups ensures that there is something for everyone. Also big points for the service. Very friendly and funny and they made it a wonderful evening"
- Beau

"We had a drinks and dinner with a group according to the concept of 'shared dining'. We had a delicious meal and were served very well. The atmosphere is relaxed, the decor is cozy and the staff is friendly. It's a real treat to eat here."
- Clèmence

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